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Sörbygården was built in the beginning of the last century and carries a lot of history with its creaking floors.


At Sörbygården in Grytan you can enjoy beautiful views of the countryside of Storsjön. At a viewpoint by the goahti you can enjoy a coffee break, just let eyes and soul enjoy or join the barbeque together with us. There is also a sauna that can be booked at the farm. Just around the corner is the beautiful folk museum that has music café and storytelling evenings in the summer. There are many ancient sites throughout the area. There are also bathing opportunities for those who dare.

Sörbygården was built in the beginning of the last century and carries a lot of history with its creaking floors. Here, formerly homes for the elderly, school activities and horses have been in pastures and in stables for some time. The old country road to Östersund previously went straight through the yard and the old gate posts are still there where the forest takes over. Grytan and Brunflo are a settlement from migration of the people and the Viking ages.

S:t Olavsleden

S:t Olavsleden, the world's northernmost pilgrim trail, passes Sörbygården. The trail is approx. 580 swedish km long and extends from the Baltic Sea to the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, from Selånger outside Sundsvall to Trondheim in Norway. The trail goes through large forests, over mountains, along lakes and historic sites. S:t Olavsleden is the Scandinavian answer to El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the famous pilgrim trail with final destination in Spain. St. Olav (or Olav the Holy) was a Norwegian king who lived around the year 1000 AD and is the largest and oldest saint in the Nordic countries.

Brunflo, 2 km

By car, a walk or by bike you can reach Brunflo in a couple of minutes. The church and the castle are just outside the center. The castle can be counted as northern Sweden's more remarkable building works from the Middle Ages, the 12th century. There you can find restaurants, grocery stores, gas station, museum, indoor swimming pool, library, light rail tracks, gym, stables/riding etc. A few kilometers north of Grytan you can find Teknikland, a technology, aerospace and military museum with activities for the whole family.

Östersund, 12 km

In Östersund there is everything you might want to explore. Östersund is a living city that offers tourists a wide range of restaurants, the Jamtli museum with exhibitions about the 18th and 19th centuries, water park, theater and cinema. From the season you can surf and swim, go boating, canoeing, rent scooters, ice fishing and play golf. Outside Östersund there is also the Moose Garden.

On Frösön you will find beautiful Frösö church, a notable viewpoint and the Åre Östersund airport.

You can easily get to and from Östersund by car or bus. Please see for more information.

Distance to Åre 110 km, Sundsvall 170 km and Trondheim 270 km.

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